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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 05:40
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Paiute Trail 02:


Trail 02 is a connector trail from the 01 Loop on the East side to the O1 Loop(38 27.988 -112 20.927)(8,814 ft) on the West Side ( 38 25.322 -112 2.024)(8,947 ft).

From Marysvale West to the O1 Trail is approximately 9.6 miles

From Marysvale East to the 01 Trail is approximately 22.7 miles.

The 02 trail is entirely dirt road and is considered easy. The trail travels 100% graded roads which are maintained bi-annually. The 02 Trail Passes through the town of Marysvale, Utah and is the route that connects Marysvale to the bulk of the Paiute Trail System. The route designation signage for the 02 Trail uses the Onnotoo Character.

Times of Travel:

The 02 Trail from Marysvale East and West are open Most of the year in the valley but will be closed several months of the year as you proceed into the higher elevations.

The 02 Trail will be open through November up to the 7000ft. Level on the east side. Often finding closures at the Beaver Creek Dugway (north Facing) from November to March.

The 02 Trail will similarly be open to approximately 7000 ft through November on the west side. The Trail will typically be closed due to snow pack at the Dry Creek Switchbacks in Dry Creek Canyon.

Points of Interest:

The 02 Trail has some spectacular views on both the east and west side of Marysvale, Utah.

02 East

On the East side one will want to make sure to take some great photo’s of the Dry Creek Falls. These falls are truly “Dry” during summer and fall but are spectacular in the early spring. These Falls can be seen from the road near the switchbacks on the north side. For a better view, take a hike into the canyon and catch a spectacular photo from the bottom of the falls. You won’t regret the hike.


Dry Creek Canyon also has some incredible views with massive shear volcanic rock cliffs and hoodoo’s. The views in this canyon are often missed by many as you concentrate on navigating the canyon.

Fall colors are spectacular in Dry Creek as you will find canopies covering the road from both sides. Nothing like driving the “YELLOW LEAF ROAD” as the fall leaves will completely cover the trail.

Pinion, Juniper, Quaking Aspen, and Scrub Oak are to be seen along much of the upper elevations of the 02 Paiute Trail.

Always keep your eyes out for wildlife, this country is full of Mule Deer, Elk, Bobcat’s, Cougars, Porcupine, and a variety of fowl.

02 West

As one leaves Marysvale to the West you will quickly drop off the Beaver Creek Dugway. The views from the mouth of Beaver Creek are phenomenal as you look directly west to the Tushar Mountain Range. The Paiute Trail runs the creek bottom for a short distance and then you begin to gain elevation along a long steady climb on the south facing Dugway. The views off into Beaver Creek are great and the snow covered peaks of the Tushars will be straight ahead on most of the trail.

Always keep your eyes out for wildlife, this country is full of Mule Deer, Elk, Bobcat’s, Cougars, Porcupine, and a variety of fowl.


The 02 Trail is heavily traveled and also shares the road with vehicles. The 02 Paiute Trail can be traveled at fairly high rates of speed. Caution is to be used as much of the surface is loose and may cause riders to lose control at high rates of speed. The 02 Paiute Trail west has seen more than it’s fair share of accidents due to speed. Use caution and prepare to share the trail with other riders and full sized vehicles.



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