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Written by Keri Bushman   
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The Eagle Rock Tunnel in Marysvale Canyon

The Marysvale Line of the D&RGW railroad left behind a lasting legacy of the people it brought to Marysvale, the jobs it provided, and the gold and ore it hauled away. Years have passed since they closed the Marysvale line, the track has been torn up, the rail grade converted, in part, to a spur of the Paiute ATV Trail on the south end, and the Candy Mountain Express Bike Trail on the north end, and the depot and rail yard have long since been re-allocated. The only evidence left that a train came to Marysvale, is the Eagle Rock Tunnel in Marysvale Canyon.

The Eagle Rock Tunnel, completed in 1896, measures 200 feet in length and is curved to accommodate the Sevier River on the south end. The tunnel can be accessed via the Candy Mountain Express Bike Trail north of Big Rock Candy Mountain. If bicycling isn't your thing, there are two pull offs along Hwy 89 near mile marker 187, the tunnel is a short walk across the bike path. It was originally planned to include the tunnel as part of the Candy Mountain Express Bike Path but this was not feasible due to the cost, and the loss of historic value in order to retrofit the tunnel to safe standards.

The openings to the Eagle Rock Tunnel has been fenced off, however you can still see inside from the gate. Take note of the high ceilings still stained with black soot from the trains. There are still black soot stains on the outside rock over hang on the south end of the tunnel. Notice the huge two foot by two foot timbers shoring up the wood cribbing at both 25 foot high portals. Don't forget the fact that this massive undertaking was executed in 1896 with pure, raw, man power, by men from the great era that built America, the era that celebrated these grand enginering feets with acts such as greeting and incoming train with a band.

Eagle_Rock_Tunnel_3 Eagle_Rock_Tunnel_2 Eagle_Rock_Tunnel_4

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