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Marysvale Bridge | Sevier River | Marysvale Utah PDF Print E-mail
Written by Keri Bushman   
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Marysvale Bridge

The Marysvale Bridge is a one of the very recognizable artifacts of days gone by. Constructed in an era when the only way to achieve great architectural feats was through the brute strength and will of men. Completed in January of 1910, the Marysvale Bridge was the largest, most substantial bridge at that time to span the Sevier River.

Cove Fort Historical Site | Near Marysvale Utah PDF Print E-mail
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Cove_Fort_1 Cove_Fort_Entrance Cove_Fort_3

The Cove Fort Historical Site is located immediately northeast of the junction of I-15 and I-70, in the southeast corner of Millard County, approximately 30 miles northwest of Marysvale, Utah.

Dry Creek Falls | Near Marysvale Utah PDF Print E-mail
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Dry Creek Falls Photo Courtesy of Sam Steed Rocky Ridge Resort

A rare opportunity exists in the early spring in Dry Creek south west of Marysvale.  The Dry Creek falls live up to thier name and are usually dry.   The falls are spectacular when they aren't "dehydrated".  Many folks struggle to find the falls mostly because they are looking at the wrong time of year.   Depending upon the snow pack, these falls may only be active a month or two out of the year.  If your going up Dry Creek the falls will be on your left, down in the deep ravine.  It might take you a bit to find them but at the right time of year it's worth the hunt!

Bullion Falls | Near Marysvale Utah PDF Print E-mail
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Photos Courtesy of Rick Hupp

Bullion Waterfalls is a beautiful and majestic system of waterfalls where hikers can overlook the massive 75 foot falls. The falls are fed by year round melting snowdrifts that adorn parts of Bullion Canyon. Access to Bullion Falls is by horse or foot only and is approximately one mile from the Pine Creek bridge.  The hike isn't that bad except it is at a fairly high elevation so if you are from the lower elevations be sure to take your time and enjoy a slow casual hike in.